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Residential Supported Living Program Description: 

Assisted Residential Services’ Supported Living program enables adults of all ages with developmental disabilities to live in their own homes and fully participate in community activities with the 24-hour support and assistance of our team of qualified professionals and highly trained staff.  Our clients live active, productive and healthy lives that empower them to learn, grow, and take pride and pleasure in their personal accomplishments.


Our program is custom built around the unique needs of each client. We recognize that the success of our program is one-hundred percent dependent on our ability to recognize each person as an individual with their own desires, talents, goals, and ambitions. Throughout a client’s daily experiences, staff will use and/or create positive opportunities to increase each client’s knowledge regarding various issues:


  • Independence and Habilitation: Our ultimate goal for each client is for them to move towards independence, self-management and personal responsibility in as many areas in their lives as possible. Habilitation is the driving force of our program. We do not simply provide caregivers, but rather a trained team of habilitation specialists that provide each client with individualized teaching, training, instruction and support tailored to their particular needs. We work with each client to develop custom, specific, and measurable goals that are important to them and their ambitions. Designing these goals around each client’s personal interest and input creates an optimal environment for personal growth. 

  • Community Integration and Support: Community integration is another major focus of our program. We encourage our clients to access the community and participate in recreation activities of their own choosing. We also provide support, protection, and advocacy in the community as necessary to ensure that they are not discriminated against.

  • Behavior Management: Part of treating each client as an individual is recognizing that everyone has their own particular behaviors and struggles. We assist individuals in managing their own behavior through the use of Positive Behavior Support plans. We support and encourage our clients as they make positive choices regarding their daily and life-long ambitions

  • Money Management: Our clients are encouraged to participate in, and make personal choices regarding the management of their personal funds; including budgeting, money value, and decision making. Assisted Residential Services also provides Social Security Representative Payee services for clients as necessary.

  • Health and Safety Supports: Our dedicated staff ensures that our client’s health and overall well-being are met as well as any emergency needs (medical, dental, mental health)

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